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Russia and the illicit arms trade

Berryman, John

Crime, Law and Social Change, 2000, Vol.33(1), pp.85-104 [Rivista Peer Reviewed]

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  • Titolo:
    Russia and the illicit arms trade
  • Autore: Berryman, John
  • Note di contenuto: Since the disintegration of the Soviet militaryindustrial complex, the prospect of conventional armsand nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of massdestruction and their ingredients finding their wayfrom Russia into other hands has become a matter ofconcern for both the Russian Federation and theinternational community. This article explores thescale, forms and consequences of illicit transfers ofconventional arms and weapons of mass destruction andtheir ingredients from the Russian Federation into theinternational community. Russian military and securityforces seem to have been the main sources of a widerange of illicit conventional arms, whether as aconsequence of the participation of Russian armedforces in regional conflicts or as a consequence ofthe sale of equipment by corrupt officers, the covertcommercial export by Russian arms manufacturers beinglargely confined to small arms and light weapons. Theillegal diversion of nuclear, chemical and biologicalmaterials from the Russian Federation seems to havebeen less than was at one time feared but Westernco-operation with the Russian Federation to reinforceexisting nonproliferation regimes remains a highpriority.
  • Fa parte di: Crime, Law and Social Change, 2000, Vol.33(1), pp.85-104
  • Soggetti: Social Sciences, General ; Criminal Law ; Criminology ; International Relations ; Political Science ; Social Welfare & Social Work ; Sociology & Social History ; International Relations ; Political Science
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Tipo: Articolo
  • Identificativo: ISSN: 0925-4994 ; E-ISSN: 1573-0751 ; DOI: 10.1023/A:1008342202865

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