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Blueshifted galaxies in the virgo cluster

Karachentsev, I. ; Nasonova (Kashibadze), O.

Astrophysics, 2010, Vol.53(1), pp.32-41 [Rivista Peer Reviewed]

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  • Titolo:
    Blueshifted galaxies in the virgo cluster
  • Autore: Karachentsev, I. ; Nasonova (Kashibadze), O.
  • Note di contenuto: We examine a sample of 65 galaxies in the Virgo cluster with negative radial velocities relative to the Local Group. Some features of this sample are pointed out. All of these objects are positioned compactly within a virial zone of radius 6º in the cluster, but their centroid is displaced relative to the dynamic center of the cluster, M87, by 1º.1 to the northwest. The dwarf galaxies in this sample are clumped on a scale of ∼10' (50 kpc). The observed asymmetry in the distribution of the blueshifted galaxies may be caused by infall of a group of galaxies around M86 onto the main body of the cluster. We offer another attempt to explain this phenomenon, assuming a mutual tangential velocity of ∼300 km/s -1 between the Local Group and the Virgo cluster owing to their being repelled from the local cosmological void.
  • Fa parte di: Astrophysics, 2010, Vol.53(1), pp.32-41
  • Soggetti: galaxies ; blueshifted ; Virgo
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Tipo: Articolo
  • Identificativo: ISSN: 0571-7256 ; E-ISSN: 1573-8191 ; DOI: 10.1007/s10511-010-9096-y

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