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Submerged Literature in Ancient Greek Culture. Volume 2, Case Studies

Giulio Colesanti editor.; Laura Lulli editor.; Roberto Nicolai

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  • Titolo:
    Submerged Literature in Ancient Greek Culture. Volume 2, Case Studies
  • Altro autore/Curatore: Giulio Colesanti editor.; Laura Lulli editor.; Roberto Nicolai
  • Editore: Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter
  • Anno: 2016
  • Formato: 1 online resource (406 p.).
  • Note di contenuto: Frontmatter -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- Introductory Notes -- A Scholarch Denied: Leucippus, Founder of Ancient Atomism -- Sopater of Paphus and the Phlyax Plays -- Reading the New Erechtheid Casualty List from Marathon -- To Produce Poetry in Order to Submerge it: Socrates’ Aesopic Experience (Plat. Phaedo 60 b1‒61 b7) -- The Muse Looks Down: Theocritus and the Hellenistic Aesthetic of the ‘Submerged’ -- An Exceptional Survivor and Its Submerged Background: The Periplus Maris Erythraei and the Indian Ocean Travelogue Tradition -- Traditions on Armenia in Submerged Greek Literature: Preliminary Considerations -- Sacred Texts and Consecrated Texts -- Covered by Silence: Hidden Texts and Secret Rites in the Ancient Mystery Cults -- Orphics at Olbia? -- The Gynaecological and Nosological Treatises of the Corpus Hippocraticum: the Tip of an Iceberg -- Dance in Attic and Argive Geometric Pottery: Figurative Imagery and Ritual Contexts -- Potters and Painters in Archaic Corinth: Schemata and Images -- Ariadne and Her Companions -- A Tale of Mummies, Drinking Parties, and Cultic Practices: Submerged Texts and the Papyrological Evidence -- The Circulation and Transmission of Greek Adespota in Roman Egypt -- La cathédrale engloutie. Greek Music from the Perspective of the Submerged -- The Submerged Musicology of Ancient Greece -- Traces of Folk Music in Ancient Greek Drama -- Index Nominum -- Index Rerum Notabilium -- Index Locorum -- Editors and Contributors
    The book is the second volume of a series of studies dealing with the Submerged literature in ancient Greek culture (s. vol. 1: G. Colesanti, M. Giordano, eds., Submerged Literature in Ancient Greek Culture. An Introduction, Berlin-Boston, de Gruyter, 2014). It is a peculiar starting point of the research in the field of Greek culture, since it casts a light on many case studies so far not yet analyzed as literary products subjected to the process of submersion: e.g. oracles, philosophy, phlyax play, epigrams, Aesopic fables, periplus, sacred texts, mysteries, medical treatises, dance, music. Therefore the book investigates the complex and manifold dynamics of ‘emergence’ and ‘submersion’ in ancient Greek literary culture, dealing especially with matters as the interaction between orality and literacy, the authorship, the cultural transmission, the folklore. Moreover, the book offers the reader new stimulating approaches in order to reconstruct the wide frame which contained the overall cultural processes, including the literary products subjected to the submersion, in a chronological span going from Greek archaic age to the Imperial age.
  • Soggetti: Greek literature -- History and criticism; Electronic books
  • Titoli correlati: Serie: Submerged Literature in Ancient Greek Culture ; Volume 2
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Tipo: Libro
  • Identificativo: ISBN: 3-11-042863-6;ISBN: 3-11-042872-5

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