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A randomized, multicenter, open-label, blinded end point trial comparing the effects of spironolactone to chlorthalidone on left ventricular mass in patients with early-stage chronic kidney disease: Rationale and design of the SPIRO-CKD trial

Hayer, MK ; Edwards, NC ; Slinn, G ; Moody, WE ; Steeds, RP ; Ferro, CJ ; Price, AM ; Andujar, C ; Dutton, M ; Webster, R ; Webb, DJ ; Semple, S ; MacIntyre, I ; Melville, V ; Wilkinson, Ian Boden ; Hiemstra, Thomas Francois ; Wheeler, DC ; Herrey, A ; Grant, M ; Mehta, S ; Ives, N ; Townend, JN ; Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository; Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository

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